About Us

DeShash.com is a business driven by a passion of two collectors: Andrzej and Jacek who has been collecting notes and coins for over two decades. Finding new releases or unique notes can be challenging for any collector and require connections, time and financial resources and Andrzej and Jacek has faced those challenges as well.

Like many other collectors, Andrzej and Jacek has been buying and selling on eBay, Alegro.pl and other ecommerce platforms finalizing many sales with a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate (Alegro.pl reviews).

However, selling via third party online platforms come with the fees and charges that affect the final price of the note. The objective of DeShash.com, an online store, is to eliminate those fees and pass the savings to the customers. DeShash.com provides customers with easy access to available for sale notes as well as offers reduced rates.


Our mission is to provide collectors with a great selection of uncirculated notes at a competitive price.


We aim to have new and rare notes available for clients as soon as they are released. Our objective is to help collectors to find their missing piece at an affordable price. The customer satisfaction is our priority and if you have any suggestions how we can improve our services, we would like to hear from you.

Start your journey into the World of notes today. Browse our online store and find the notes that you couldn’t find in other stores. Create your free account and sign up for notifications so you are notified when we have new releases. Finally, share this website with your friends and other note collectors.